Food Security: Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes!

Turn ONE Sweet Potato Into 100 LBS Of Sweet Potatoes By Growing SWEET POTATO SLIPS! [Complete Guide]

782,292 views 16 May 2022 This video will teach you the BEST WAY to start sweet potato slips! Using this method, you can turn one sweet potato into 100 lbs (45+ kg!) of sweet potatoes by growing sweet potato slips from a store bought sweet potato. One sweet potato yielded me dozens of slips in only 22 days!

Learn how to cure sweet potatoes with this simple, revolutionary new method here:

0:00 Why Every Gardener Should Be Growing Sweet Potatoes
1:24 My Favorite Sweet Potato Varieties
2:48 When To Start Sweet Potato Slips
4:44 Starting Sweet Potato Slips In Potting Mix: The BEST Way!
6:36 How To Remove And Separate Sweet Potato Slips
10:32 The Best Way To Plant Sweet Potato Slips
11:52 Planting Sweet Potato Slips
13:13 Sweet Potato Vines Progress After 7 Days
13:58 How To Root Sweet Potato Slips In Water
14:51 The Sweet Potato Slips Keep Coming! Amazing!
17:17 Adventures With Dale

If you have questions about how to grow sweet potatoes from sweet potato slips, have questions about growing fruit trees or want to know about the things I grow in my raised bed vegetable garden and edible landscaping food forest, are looking for more gardening tips and tricks and “garden hacks” like this, have questions about vegetable gardening and organic gardening in general, or want to share some DIY and “how to” garden tips and gardening hacks of your own, please ask in the Comments below! (On YouTube)

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