Jordan Peterson on ‘Weasel’ Justin Trudeau:  ‘He’s a Narcissist Corrupted by Power’

Sources:  Video by the SkyNewsAustralia channel at YouTube.

Text by RairfoundationUSA:

“Clinical psychologist and public intellectual Dr. Jordan Peterson argues that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a “narcissist” who has been “corrupted” by power.

Speaking with Russian-born American computer scientist and podcast host Lex Fridman, Dr. Peterson called out Mr. Trudeau on what he believes are his authoritarian tendencies, narcissism, and his conflict with farmers in his pursuit of radical green policies.”

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TINP would like to “balance” the use of Jordan Peterson in the clip above.  Be very careful of him.  TINP has a full-length expose on Peterson, looking for it, keep losing it, looking for it again.  Next time will post it at pcloud to share, where it can’t be lost again.  Meanwhile have a look at this, Peterson promoting the jab:

Found it!  Not to be missed.

Jordan Peterson Dismantled

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