700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin

TINP:  Martin confirms that mRNA converts to DNA in the body; the technology was developed and used to launch the Moderna company.

TINP:  Even if the cuprits published something alleging an “accidental” or deliberate “release” of a “respiratory pathogen”, that does not mean that Sars-CoV-2 was ever leaked or deliberately released.

The spike protein of it may have been mimicked for the mRNA shots. But there is no need to release a supposedly deadly pathogen when you can do it as a psyop. Why would the culprits want to deliberately release something that could affect themselves or others they are concerned about?

All they really needed was the public “belief” that something was on the loose. Moreover, if it had been “released” and was as deadly as alleged, why haven’t people dropped dead in the streets from it? Why has it taken the mRNA rollout for people to start dropping dead?

This is documented by funeral directors like John O’Looney in UK. No spike in death rates until after the vaxx rollout. So, if there was an allegedly deadly pathogen “released”, where are the deaths from it that coincide with the WHO’s announcement?

Also, keep in mind “The Midazolam Murders” documented by film director Michael O’Bernicia and others. Patients in nursing homes were euthanized in droves by UK government policy when the WHO “announced” the plandemic.

These deaths — and others were apparently euthanized in France with another drug, and others in Cuomo’s New York, and there was a “massacre” in Quebec, and similar situations worldwide, at least in the West, North America and Europe — all this sudden death of the old folks was palmed off as death by Covid-19 to kick-start the global terror campaign.

TINP:  Half-way point. It’s confusing when Martin says the vaxx was designed to minimize symptoms; having already said it was designed to deliver a bio-weapon. Isn’t the “minimize symptoms” story part of the vaxx-kill cover-up, in order to say, as Bill Gates snickered on film, well there’s been a horrific death toll, too bad all we had was shots to minimize the symptoms. Isn’t that just a cover-up for the fact the “horrific death toll” is caused by the mRNA shots, which are designed to kill.

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