It’s Official:  Klaus Penetrates the Throne.  Charles calls for World Depopulation.  Take Your Boosters, Everybody, or You’re Not “Fully Vaxxed”

The King is Dead, Long Live Klaus!


I went to bed late, slept late, dreamed there was a remote nuclear bomb at a far distance.  This must be it.  Not EII dead at 96.  Klaus Schwab penetrates the Throne.

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British Royals Behind
New Depopulation Scheme

July 16, 2010 (EIRNS)—The Royal Consort, Prince Philip. and the hare-brained heir apparent, Prince Charles, have long advocated the reduction of the world’s population from its level today of 6.8 billion, to less than 2 billion backward peasants to maintain the British Empire’s control of the world. Now, the British Royal Society has started a policy group entitled “Population And The Planet” that will advocate radical genocide similar to that called for by Prince Philip’s WWF.

The policy group announced on “World Population Day,” July 11, is, according to the Royal Society release, intended to study “the role of global population in sustainable development,” and to look at “the implications of population decreases, as well as increases that are predicted in different parts of the world.” The study is scheduled to be completed by early 2012, “to coincide with the point at which the world’s population is expected to exceed 7 billion.”

Not surprisingly, three of the 23 panelists come from the 20-year-old Optimum Population Trust, which first surfaced in a big way at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference arguing that the solution to the genocidal climate-change hoax was the reduction by 5 billion people, who would consume less of the world’s resources. Prince Charles is a “patron” of this genocidal group.

Thus, Prince Charles’ long-time advisor and friend, Sir Jonathan Porritt, who is also on the board of OPT, has been selected as a panelist. Like Charles, Sir Jonathan has a loathing for non-organic food, because it is cheaper and more plentiful, and can halt mass starvation. Apart from Sir Jonathan, there are on the panel two other OPT members, including Sir David Attenborough, who argues that mankind’s growth is killing wildlife and insects, and the sooner man is extinct, the better. And, there is OPT patron Partha Dasgupta, who is a professor of Economics at Cambridge University.

Chairing the panel is Sir John Sulston, chair of the Institute for Science, Ethics & Innovation, and head of the eugenicist Human Genome Project.

Demographers have noted that population replacement in high-level consumption areas of the world is declining, with growth only in poverty stricken Africa, where there is high infant mortality. One recommendation that the OPT panelists are likely to present to the Royal Academy, writes Dominic Lawson in the Independent July 13, is their Popoffsets program, whereby high consumption areas of the world would give aid for their higher C02 usage to Africa to help in family planning programs, rather than toward global development. According to Oxfam PopOffsets “if their [OPT] arguments were based on logic alone, the population lobby would probably be advocating euthanasia rather than birth control, but its preponderance of elderly white male members makes that pretty unlikely.”

Not so. Prince Philip, who founded the WWF with the former Nazi intelligence officer, the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, is fully in favor of euthanasia and other forms of genocide. He advocates destroying the economy of the U.S.A., through British puppet President NerObama, and by no later than the end of September, plunging the world into something worse than the 14th-Century “Dark Age.”

—  Executive Intelligence Review, 16 July 2010.

Prince Charles Agrees with Gates – Reduce the World Population

Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Prince Charles is no longer fit to become King.  The Queen should remove him now from any path to the crown.  Athelstan was the first king of all England, and Alfred the Great’s grandson. He reigned between 925 and 939 AD. The monarchy of England faces a cyclical crossroads in 2021.

Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles - The Great Reset;  Green Feudalism
Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles – The Great Reset;  Green Feudalism

Prince Charles has not only joined Schwab and his Great Reset, but he has also signed on to Bill Gates’s agenda of reducing the world population.  Has he lost his mind with early signs of senility? They have enlisted Charles to help them take over the world with their New World Order.  Prince William has also signed on to Gates’ agenda – reduce the population.  These people are trying to play God.

It's official: Klaus ascends the Throne 8 September 2022
‘s official Klaus ascends the Throne 8 September 2022 letteredIt’s official: Klaus ascends the Throne 8 September 2022

Charles Is Not Fit To Be King

TINP:  Armstrong Economics is right.  Charles is not fit to be King.  The Great Reset is a new constitution for the WORLD, and eradicates every national constitution, including the Constitution of Canada.  This is high treason, a coup, a putsch, an overthrow.

But, unknown to Armstrong, EII was not fit, either.  She spent her “royal” career advocating for the break-up of Canada, first sailing into Quebec City in October 1964 to speak in the Legislature where she called for a “democratic” secession of Quebec to dismantle Canada.

At the time, the Globe and Mail, knowing very well that this interference was unconstitutional on her part, published an apologia for her in editorial form, telling the public that it was alright for Her Majesty to get involved in politics.

The real goal behind the Quebec secession racket is to dissolve the Crown, which is a political and legal office under the Constitution, quite distinct from any occupants of the office.  For World Government to come about, the Crown must be removed, it’s a barrier.  Ditto for the White House and every other major nation.  All must lose their lawful constitutions, whether before or after their leadership is penetrated by the Davos controllers and their World Economic Forum.

A dismantled Canada would first be turned into a string of banana republic provincial “nation-states”.  These would then, having become “sovereign” by stealing the powers of self-government of the Canadian electorate, then redistribute those powers to the new global institutions:  first to international city-states to replace the provinces, then to the new regional government over North America (which will expand to the western hemisphere); and then to the World Government.

Quebec secession and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset are intertwined because the WEF’s world government needs the great nations of the world to collapse in pieces in order to hijack world sovereignty, and plunge the peoples of the nations into a New Dark Age of Green Neo-Marxist Technocratic Slavery.  It’s happening now in Europe as Germany chops firewood for heat and uses candles for light.

EII was in with the globalist game plan all along, and Charles would never have openly espoused the outrageous policies of the WEF and Gates if EII had not pre-approved.

The Throne is now officially under the direct control of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, and the whole Davos Clique, if it wasn’t thoroughly remote-controlled already.  There must be a constitutional remedy to this whole mess.  Usurpers must be ousted, lawfully.

Charles promotes the Great Reset and your impoverishment
Charles promotes the Great Reset and your impoverishment


Charles Promotes
the Covid Kill Shots

TINP:  The “Covid” injections have clearly mass-murdered their victims in the tens of thousands with people dropping dead shortly after the shots.  Others have died in a “tsunami” of skyrocketing sudden unexplained deaths that have no precedent and coincide with the global injection campaign.  It is well understood that this is a global depopulation campaign.  The shots are deadly, and when they don’t kill outright, they kill in the short term, or in the long-term, and they injure their victims severely, damaging the natural immune system, the cardio-vascular system, the neurological system and the brain, and unleashing aggressive “turbo” cancers because the natural defences of the body have been suppressed or destroyed by these murderous injections.  Charles is not fit to be king.

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Source:  The Guardian.

Prince Charles criticises anti-vaxxers, saying Covid vaccines can ‘protect and liberate’

In a wide-ranging article for the Future Healthcare Journal, the prince advocates for bringing conventional and complementary medicine together

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit a pop-up Covid-19 vaccination centre at the Finsbury Park Mosque Photograph: Reuters
Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit a pop-up Covid-19 vaccination centre at the Finsbury Park Mosque Photograph: Reuters

Wed 17 Mar 2021 01.30 GMT

Prince Charles has criticised those lobbying against coronavirus vaccines, saying the jabs can “protect and liberate” some of society’s most vulnerable members.

In a wide-ranging article for the Future Healthcare Journal in which he called for an integrated approach to healthcare, the heir to the throne also denounced those speaking out against Covid-19 shots.

“Who would have thought … that in the 21st century that there would be a significant lobby opposing vaccination, given its track record in eradicating so many terrible diseases and its current potential to protect and liberate some of the most vulnerable in our society from coronavirus?” he wrote.

The prince, 72, who tested positive for the coronavirus himself in March last year, and other senior members of the royal family have been vociferous in their support of vaccines.

Last month, he and his wife Camilla, 73, had their first Covid-19 doses, while the Queen, 94, has also encouraged people to get a shot, saying it did not hurt and those who were wary about it should think of others.

However, the focus of the prince’s article, published on Wednesday, was his message that long-term health issues needed to be addressed by integrating science, public policy and personal behaviour.

“I also believe that medicine will need to combine bioscience with personal beliefs, hopes, aspirations and choices,” he wrote, calling for an open-minded approach to complementary medicine whose virtues he has long espoused despite criticism from some in the medical profession.

In 2011, a leading professor of complementary medicine accused the prince of “quackery”, saying that he and other backers of alternative therapies were “snake-oil salesmen” who promoted products with no scientific basis.

The prince said he had always advocated “the best of both worlds” to bring evidence-informed conventional and complementary medicine together and seek a middle ground over the issue.

“Only then can we escape divisions and intolerance on both sides of the conventional/complementary equation, where on the one hand, the appropriate regulation of the proven therapies of acupuncture and medical herbalism is opposed, while on the other we find people actually opposing life-saving vaccinations,” he wrote.

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