The Right Question:  “How Does a Virologist Identify a New Virus and then Show this Virus Causes Disease?”

Dr. Tom Cowan:  “Fifty-eight different government health agencies, when asked, under Freedom of Information requests, say they have no paper describing the isolation and purification and characterization of any Sars-CoV-2 virus from any human being with with so-called ‘Covid-19’.”

It all boils down to this.  Does a virus called Sars-CoV-2 actually exist?

This answer to this question is Fact #1. You must know the answer in order to take appropriate action.

You do not “assume” that there is a virus just because “the government” told you so. In particular when the government is in obvious conflict of interest, taking orders from Big Pharma or Red China, or the World Health Organization, also under Big Pharma and Red Chinese control.

It is irrational to make assumptions about your health and the health of everyone else.

It is irrational to adopt behaviors “against” a virus the existence and infectiveness of which have not been shown.

In particular, it is irrational to allow the allegation that a virus exists to be used as a pretext by your government to destroy your national, provincial, state, corporate, family and individual freedoms. Permanently.

In particular when they are trying to use the excuse of the virus to restructure the whole world, (including take away your property rights), and inject you and your children repeatedly like test monkeys with toxic substances not proven effective against anything, and that are killing and maiming people in vast numbers.

If you haven’t got enough self-responsibility to ask THE RIGHT QUESTION on your own behalf, then ask it on behalf of your children.  And for the welfare of anyone else you love and care about.  Friends, family members, co-workers.  Wake up and ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION, and make damn sure you get a validated answer from those who are accountable.

As vital as the PCR fraud question is to the way the “announced” pandemic has been stage-managed and controlled, the PCR question is secondary.  The existence or not of the virus is primary.  If the virus does not exist, THERE IS NO PANDEMIC.  All pandemic measures are therefore unnecessary, and pointing out that they are all non-scientific, non-medical, unscientific and fraudulent only serves as evidence to underscore the deliberate fraud of the non-existent virus.

The whole fake pandemic will collapse like a house of cards if those accountable cannot prove that Sars-CoV-2 exists, causes the kinds of disease alleged, and is in circulation in the populace.

That’s FACT #1.  Everything else falls or stands based on it.

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