Vaxx Propaganda:  How to talk to the Vaccine Hesitant

tv-video commercial girl on motorbike hits glass wall
tv-video commercial girl on motorbike hits glass wall

The drug pushers now have slick ads on tv and online promoting the vaxx and the vaxx passport. I don’t have a tv, I saw this commercial a couple of days ago while viewing a tv-movie online in French.

A good-looking young woman arrives at night on a motorcycle, takes off her helmet, notices a young man waiting near a nightspot; obviously it’s a blind date, and he’s delighted. The pair then turn to enter the nightspot with him in the lead.

A sudden loud surprise is had when the girl hits a glass wall that he has just walked through as though it wasn’t there. He hears the bang and turns to see the young woman’s lovely face distorted, plastered up against the glass.

She can’t “pass” because she hasn’t been injected with lethal experimental chemicals for a virus that has not been proved to exist.

The look on his face is clear disapproval and frustration that she is not vaxxed (like him). So, the cool girl on the motobike no longer scores high for this guy, who, had he been a gentleman, should have said, let’s order take-out and have a midnight picnic in the park.

The ad I saw the other day ends with the “Government of Quebec” logo on a blue field.

The same commercial appears here, on a page of the Regina Leader-Post newspaper online (16 Sept 2021); and is also being fed into a propaganda video on YouTube, “How to talk to the vaccine hesitant”.

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