Military Police Clear Trucks With AR-15’s Smashing Windows (18 February 2022)

TINP:  Who are these guys in brown with no insignias – the uploader calls them military police.  Trudeau has said be didn’t bring in the military, but we know how truthful he is.  Can anyone identify these officers?

I have seen other footage elsewhere in the midst of a long video I decided not to post, and a trucker had a camera inside his vehicle, near the ceiling.  He was sitting in the cab of his truck with the camera going when the “cops” came up and ordered him out and circled his truck, smashing all the windows while he still was in it.

I have also seen footage from this past weekend of a white large aircraft with UN painted on the tail, parked in North Bay, Ontario. Could the UN have shipped these men in to back up Trudeau? Is that why they are showing no insignias on their uniforms? Are they UN troops in plain brown wrappers?

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