Rebel News:  Trudeau and his police are the unchecked dictators of Canada (19 February 2022)

Levant:  The POLICE “cancelled” Parliament.

TINP:  No debate needed on strongman Trudeau’s unlawful Emergencies Act, the police state rules Canada.

We have no Constitution.  We have no Government.  We have no Parliament.  We have no Rule of Law.  We have Trudeaucracy and a communist-technocratic POLICE STATE run by puppets of Klaus Schwab.  And those puppets include Prince Charles, putative heir to the Throne, who has on film called for us to “let the privates” run everything, i.e., the oligarchs and their banksters and their multinational corporations.  And frankly, EII is another puppet, with her dutiful reference to the non-pandemic of “Covid” in her 2021 Christmas speech.  It was very moving to see her loyalty to her banksters on full display for the quarantined holidays.

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