Tom Marazzo has a message for all Canadians: Hold the Line (Come to Ottawa!) | Live with Laura-Lynn (19 February 2022)

5 thoughts on “Tom Marazzo has a message for all Canadians: Hold the Line (Come to Ottawa!) | Live with Laura-Lynn (19 February 2022)”

  1. Love and behold from Sweden.

    Thank you Tom for your 54 minute´s endurance !!

    From now Feb 20,2022…Central European Time 22:22

    1. Jepp !

    Emergences Act
    is not legal.


    Law Professor Bruce Pardy comments on Trudeau’s use of Emergencies act

    This info will be hidden in all MSM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oil + Petrol on the waves of the Oceans :

    Kim update :

    Kim Goguen 2 20 2022


    Cheers, LG

  2. This is much bigger than Canada. World power-elites are behind this and they can’t allow Canadians to foil their plans. They are after everyone in every country, and have achieved so much now, that they are smelling blood and can’t back off.

    I believe the influence behind these people is at an even higher level. God’s enemy, the enemy of all humanity, is orchestrating through these men (and women). But some of these people, who have been working toward total control for so much of their lives, are getting on in years and I’m sure they would like to see the grand finale in their lifetimes, to taste the thrill of victory and flex their long-anticipated desire to rule over and control all the people, to decide which shall live and which shall die.

    Trudeau has a huge unseen supply chain, plenty of support, and an army of advisors. He is a puppet and a coward.

    I hope and pray for safety and justice for you, all the convoy participants, and all those who support you, but you have taken on, not just Trudeau – he is just the local face – but the powers-that-shouldn’t-be.

    Stand strong.

    Any gain here, although a reprieve, will be only temporary. Standing for what is right and true is necessary. Messiah will one day bring justice and righteousness to earth.

    1. You are totally right.&nsbp; They want to live to see the “grand finale”.  Yes, the Pipsqueak is a “puppet and a coward”.  You are fabulous!  Where can we find you and draft you?  Or, have you already drafted yourself into the Great Last Battle?  Thank you for your wonderful words, and your heartfelt support.  We really appreciate it.  HOLD THE LINE!

      1. I’m just a small-time off-grid homesteader in New Hampshire. I had a Canadian penpal for many years and grew up with some Canadians in Bolivia, and I have a soft spot for Canada and Canadians (although I have been vocally and vehemently opposed to Canadian socialized medicine).

        I’ve been following the latest Canadian adventure since I searched for interviews with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and accidentally discovered Laura Lynn just a few days or a week before the convoy started from Vancouver.

        I don’t know if there’s much I can do from here, but my website is There is a contact page there.

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