Nova Scotia Tyrants pass “law” banning Truck Convoys and their Supporters!

Citing its powers under the COVID state of emergency beginning March 2020, the government of Nova Scotia, Canada, has declared it illegal to:
•Finance, organize, aid, or participate in a truck convoy
•Line the roadside in support of a truck convoy
Violators face $10,000 fines.

8 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Tyrants pass “law” banning Truck Convoys and their Supporters!”

    1. Do you think a constitutional challenge should be mounted? Would it be a “federalism review” because perhaps a province has no jurisdiction over the highways? And/or a human rights challenge because a province has no right to silence public dissent? I’m thinking about the old Alberta press case perhaps as an example of what a province cannot control under the lawful Constitution of 1867.

    2. It is not legal at all. It is the mark of a tyrant. Houston must be deposed from office immediately. This is still Canada. It is not communist China!

  1. I am donating on behalf of all Nova Scotians to the Freedom Convoy 2022.
    SHAME that the Nova Scotian provincial gov’t has banned its citizens from supporting the Freedom Convoy 2022.
    This is tyranny at the utmost.
    Money for this donation has been earned in the Alberta energy sector, providing energy to heat homes, power industry, fuel vehicles, and to provide transfer payments to the rest of Canada.
    Nova Scotia, oust your premier at once!

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