EXPLOSIVE Michael O’Bernicia interview – The Midazolam Murders? (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

A UK government “policy” underway as early as 2016, has been escalated to murder, execute and EUTHANIZE, without anyone’s consent, senior citizens, the chronically ill, or others in the “care” of government agencies whether in government facilities or at home, on pretext of “Covid-19”.

The “waves” we have seen of the alleged virus, have been “waves” of Midazolam murders hidden among statistics as “Covid” deaths.  And that’s before the lethal injections begin to the population at large, claiming to be “vaccines”, but they are not “vaccines”.  Like Midazolam and Morphene, used to execute citizens in cold blood as government “policy”, the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines” have no beneficial effect against any alleged “virus”.

By whatever means it was accomplished, we have the same phenomenon in Quebec, the same “policy” of EXTERMINATING the elderly on the pretext of Covid-19:


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