Emergency: Confirmed by Reiner Fuellmich, Wolfgang Wodarg, Michael Yeadon, Dr. Jane Ruby (5 January 2022)

Big Pharma is deliberately mass-murdering men, women and children with “lethal dose” trials hidden in the Covid injection lots. There are millions of these “lethal doses” in circulation, intended to kill.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich believes that this information will lead to criminal charges and massive damages that will bankrupt and dismantle the vaxx industry, as it should.

Countries that have authorized experimental injections for the alleged treatment or prevention of the alleged bundle of symptoms called “Covid-19” have given immunity to Big Pharma. That means, no prosecution or damages for harm caused.

In that environment, it has been discovered that Big Pharma has been conducting “lethal dose” “trials” on human beings by hiding “toxic” and “super toxic” experimental drugs of all kinds in among the lots of “Covid” injections with intent to kill, and gather data on the killings.

Big Pharma has labeled these hidden batches with code numbers so they can track the expected deaths to the batches, so they will know which experimental drug at what dosage has done the killing.

“Lethal dose” “trials” in the pharmaceutical development industry are supposed to be done on animals. However, Big Pharma is now taking advantage of the world-wide “Covid-19” injection campaign to conduct their “lethal dose” trials against living human beings, deliberately targeting children, men and women, with different coded “batches” that are designed to kill.

The two best videos to date on this are:

Reiner Fuellmich: “New Findings… Enough to Dismantle the Entire (VAX) Industry!”

and Dr. Jane Ruby, with more detailed explanations:

BREAKING: Deadly Vax Lot Numbers IDENTIFIED, Still in Circulation!

Let me summarize the problems that we now have with the world-wide injection campaign under the “Covid” umbrella.

1 – The so-called “Covid vaccines” are not vaccines, they are experimental mRNA technology designed to force your body to produce a toxin. The toxin then makes you sick, and data coming in to date indicates very serious damage to the natural immune system is the result. These injections have inflicted a massive death and injury rate around the world, causing all sorts of horrific illnesses including recurrence of cancer that had been in remission, miscarriages, strokes, blood clots of all kinds, and a wide range of injection-induced injuries.

2 – The so-called “Covid vaccines” have been found to contain the following:

– synthetic (artificial) aluminum-based organisms with tentacles and rainbow colors (some call them hydras)

– highly toxic graphene oxide.

– highly deadly graphene hydroxide which has been described as nan-sized “razor blades” cutting the body from the inside, and will not show up in an autopsy.

– “complex microtechnology”: once the injection fluid (that had been shipped frozen) has thawed and enters the body where it warms up, it interacts with the surrounding electromagnetic radiation and begins to trigger the formation of microchips, microtechnology that is “self-assembling” and becomes more complex the longer it develops. The leading research on this is being done by Spanish researchers who call themselves “La Quinta Columna”. You can view English versions of their videos, with transcripts, at the web site of an independent party who is doing the translating: Orwell City.

– many people have become “magnetic” from the Covid injections, they now find that metal objects stick to the injection site or to other parts of the body.

– many people have begun to emit a “mac address” like a laptop or a cell phone.

The so-called “Covid vaccines” do not confer immunity or prevent transmission of any alleged “virus”. They are clearly killing tens of thousands of people and injuring millions.

The game plan appears to be population reduction by mass global genocide, with experiments underway at the same time in “transhumanism” (a policy of Justin Trudeau’s Canadian “government”), also called “human augmentation” in the United Kingdom.

And now, we have the horror that Big Pharma is using the opportunity of the “Covid vaccine” legal immunity to literally mass-murder people by sneaking “lethal dose” trials into the Covid vials under special batch numbers so the killings can be traced.

I nearly forgot. There have been the “Midazolam Murders”. When the pandemic was first announced, it was alleged that Covid-19 was killing the elderly in hospitals and nursing homes. The truth is now coming out that people 65+ were being systematically mass-murdered by injecting lethal doses of Midazolam to halt breathing, and Morphine to kill the pain.

Key evidence on the “Midazolam Murders” of the elderly has come from the United Kingdom. However, the elderly everywhere are targets. They have died en masse in similar or suspicious circumstances in the USA, in New York in particular, in Ontario and Quebec, and elsewhere.

The elderly have been further targeted by administering the so-called “Covid vaccines” to them, and since they are frail and these are experimental, the shots have been killing them.

The agenda therefore also seems to include getting rid of what Henry Kissinger long ago called “the useless eaters” who are living thanks to social security, pensions, medical insurance, etc. Killing the elderly cuts the payouts by governments and the insurance industry.

The world is run by psychopaths without any limit on their power.

Do your research, please.

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