Governments Are Lying About COVID (In Case You Didn’t Already Know)

TINP.  Boris:  “It doesn’t protect you against catching the disease and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on”.

That statement is both true and false. First, because they are not “vaccines” and they are not designed to do that. Second, the statement is false because there is no “disease”, because there is no lab-engineered “virus” on the loose.  So there is nothing to protect you from.

The deaths and illnesses, the tsunami of deaths and illnesses is from the injections.  And they will keep injecting the world population until they get it down to their imaginary “0” carbon levels, meaning until they have killed enough.  Meanwhile, those few who survive will be transhumanized by the deadly ingredients in the injection vials.

But they want you to have it, and you must have it repeatedly: the injections.  Testimony above says Australia has already stockpiled 7 years’ worth of injections.  Now, if that’s true, it means they have stockpiled the junk that’s being injected now and that is killing and injurying people.  So, “approval” in 2023 is clearly irrelevant.

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