Dr. Luis de Benito on the possible mechanism by which MAC addresses are generated in inoculated individuals November 29, 2021

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Dr. Luis de Benito on the possible mechanism by which MAC addresses are generated in inoculated individuals.

Posted:  November 29, 2021

Dr. Luis Miguel de Benito made an appearance on El Mundo al Rojo (Distrito TV) this week. He talked about observations he has made about the MAC addresses that people acquire once they are inoculated. He also commented on what bioengineers hypothesize about it in order to explain what could make the Bluetooth phenomenon possible. Of course, all this is being researched y specialists, as Dr. De Benito has previously said.

On this occasion, Orwell City has selected the fragment where he provides a bit more information on how these mysterious addresses are generated at a cellular level.

Dr. De Benito: I made those notes, and those are the ones I have documented. Then, there have been reactions to that.

“Yes, I have detected it.”

And then, engineers come out,

“No, that’s impossible because you can’t fit a magnetic device through the injection needle.”

“And how do you generate five different MACs from the same vial?”

Five different addresses.

El Mundo al Rojo: That’s right…

Dr. De Benito: But that’s one of the objections I raised.

El Mundo al Rojo: Sure, sure. And that, what explanation can there be? Has anybody given you any explanation on that issue?

Dr. De Benito: Yes, but these are engineers who, in addition, are dedicated to the biological part. That’s to say, what I’ve seen is that engineers who know about telecommunications think this is aberrant or absurd. Why? Because a device that emits a MAC signal must have a generator, a battery, an antenna, I don’t know what. And they say that this is impossible.

Well, if it’s impossible, then it’s impossible. I just say what I’ve seen. I don’t know. Well, we have to explain it. But some engineers are more dedicated to the biological part, and they say it isn’t…

El Mundo al Rojo: Bioengineering.

Dr. De Benito: Yeah, Bioengineering. They say it’s not impossible. And they’re the ones who gave me some explanation about the generation of that address. That’s to say, how from a single vial from which five people gets jabbed you obtain five different addresses?

And this is along the lines that what may come in the vial —this is a hypothesis— isn’t the “IP” itself, but something that when interacting with something specific to the individual generates that “IP.”

El Mundo al Rojo: Of course.

Dr. De Benito: Or the DNA, which seemed to them rather implausible because the DNA is inside the nucleus. Or with the major histocompatibility complex. These are proteins located on the surface of the cells derived from the genome and are specific to each person. And, perhaps, that’s the hypothesis that these researchers are handling. It’s the arrival of this product via the bloodstream to the cells that generate that “IP.” It’s the one that generates that address.

“But an antenna is needed.”

Well, the muscle can function as an antenna.

“You need a generator.”

Mitochondria produce lots and lots and lots of energy.

The engineer who’s fully into his area sees it as aberrant because, from the point of view of an electrical device, of a semiconductor, or a microchip, he doesn’t see it as feasible.

Example of the phenomenon:

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