The Covid Concentration Camps (Green Zones) are for “high risk” and “unvaccinated people” (November 3, 2021)

Here it is:

Well, this means the self-appointed rulers are PSYCHIC!  Because Justin Trudeau called in all the guns well over a year ago (and Canada hasn’t got many of those, anyway); and he ORDERED UP submissions for building COVID CAMPS, and ordered tear gas and riot gear. WOW! Imagine predicting that far ahead that the Covid-19 “scamdemic” would become so severe (it’s people dying from the LETHAL COVID INJECTIONS!) that concentration camps would be needed!  UK funeral director John O’Looney was right.

High risk“? That means they are going to be gathering up all the OLD PEOPLE (65}) (Kissinger’s “useless eaters”) to kill them off in the camps.  All the OLD PEOPLE not in “care” homes where they can easily be reached and murdered with Covid-19 shots or euthanized as government policy with Midazolam and Morphene.


UK Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned (John O’Looney with Stew Peters) (23 September 2021)

Still No Reply: Justin Trudeau’s “Quarantine Camps”, How many to be built, How many to be detained, and Why? Covid Camps or Vaxx-Refusal Camps?

Max Igan: ‘Delta Variant’ Is Vaccine Injury, NHS Staff Know. UK Funeral Director warns the Camps are Coming (September 16, 2021)

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