Rebel News:  Canadian Couple Sells Everything, Moves to Mexico To Be Free (October 19, 2021)

Matt and Sherry sold all of their belongings and booked flights to Mexico in order to start fresh in a new country. (October 19, 2021)

Some people understand. They can see what’s going on, their perception is fine. They have common sense, a sense of self-defense, and they are getting the hell out.

What is wrong with the rest of you who VOTED FOR THE PSYCHOPATH to continue his horrific tyranny? This country, at least not since 1812, has never really had a war on its territory. Perhaps the long hiatus has led to social stupidity.

Your country is run by a CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATH. And he’s got friends with money, and they are all CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS. And you “voted” for this to continue? You VOTED for the PSYCHOPATH who said he would DO THIS if re-elected?

You morons should have been rioting in the streets, but instead, you submissively cast your little votes.  You bowed your heads when communist Jagmeet Singh of the Communist NDP told you to have respect for your tyrant.  You fucking morons.

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