BC’s Top Doctor, Patricia Daly, Says Vaxx Passport Is “Really To Create an INCENTIVE To Improve Our Vaccination Coverage”

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The next question was number 3, which was, uh:

“We aren’t allowing unvaccinated people into restaurants but they are still allowed to visit patients in Acute Care (ICU, etc.). Is this true? If so, what are the risks?”

DALY:  Maybe I can answer this just briefly.

The Vaccine Passport requires people to be vaccinated to do certain discretionary activities, uh, such as, go to restaurants, movies, gyms. Not because these places are high risk. We’re not actually seeing Covid transmission in these settings. It’s, it’s really to create an INCENTIVE to improve our vaccination coverage.

Um, uh, but we, we still allow people to continue with essential things like going to the grocery store, going to the pharmacy, going to visit relatives in acute care, going to access health care services.

And, by the way, when those people come to our Acute Care, they’re gonna be screened, and they’re gonna be given a medical mask, so.

And we’re NOT seeing uh, uh, transmission from visitors, uh, which, occasionally, visitors to health care centers have been a source of Covid, but they’re actually lower risk than staff, because they tend to only visit one person, have contact with their relative, and then leave.

Whereas, health care workers, who may have, uh, had Covid and been in the uh, infectious stage, unknowingly, might have had contact with many more people.

So, visitors are actually low-risk to introduce virus into a facility. They’re screened, they’re putting on a mask. … You know.

Again, most of them are gonna be vaccinated. But, we — the vaccine passport is for uh, non- uh, essential um, uh, opportunities, um, and it’s REALLY TO CREATE AN INCENTIVE to get higher vaccination rates.”

Translation: there is no health risk in crowded public areas. You are simply being electronically leashed like a dog by your government to force you to accept deadly chemical injections that have maimed and killed hundreds of thousands of formerly HEALTHY people.

Your fundamental rights are being destroyed to INCREASE UPTAKE of these deadly products of Big Pharma.

Comment. Daly says: “occasionally, visitors to health care centers have been a source of Covid”. How would she know what they were a source of? The PCR “test” is not diagnostic. “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick“. The scamdemic is a psychological operation, mind control. There is no virus, there is no pandemic, and these deadly injections are NOT “vaccines”.

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