UK Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned (John O’Looney with Stew Peters) (23 September 2021)

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I’m brazenly stealing notes from EuropeReloaded.  They do a great job summarizing.  Thank you to The Liberty Beacon project.


O’Looney:  The vaccine method being used is the ‘advocate’ method:  suppose you have 100 vaccines in a tray, and 85 are placebo whereas the remaining 15 are designed to maim and kill.  The 85 recipients that are fine are your advocates for the vaccine, whereas the 15 that become sick and ill are your ‘Covid’ deaths.  And they’ve already warned us that the vaccines aren’t fully effective.

So how are they going to nail people who’ve had a placebo vaccine?  With the regular boosters for the next 3-5 years.

Peters:  Are the non-placebo vaccines all kill shots?

O’Looney:  There’s a range in there because clients of O’Looney have had a very different range of symptoms.

He feels as if he’s conducting funerals for murder victims.

Professor Dolores Cahill
Professor Dolores Cahill
Peters:  Karen Kingston said this week that if kids become injected, she doesn’t know how they’ll survive.  O’Looney totally agrees with this statement.  O’Looney just attended a meeting in London with a prominent MP and top lawyers and scientists like Prof. Dolores Cahill (pictured) and others.  They fully expect a lot of deaths globally among the vaccinated in October to December.  Children are expected to die, especially from heart inflammation, which will be labelled as a new virulent strain of ‘Covid’.  New strains have been conveniently appearing every few weeks.  Civil unrest is expected as some people realize they’ve been lied to.  Parents with dead kids aren’t likely to buy the variant story.  And that’s the excuse they’re looking for to introduce martial law.  Once that’s introduced, they’ll go door-to-door vaccinating people or taking them away.  The vaccinated who are sick will appreciate this removal of neighbours because they’ll hold them responsible for their own vaccine-induced sickness.  This is a consensus view among the people he spoke to in London recently.  Unless we can convince the ‘advocates’ for the vaccines that they’ve been lied to.  It’s been a well-funded, well-orchestrated elaborate lie.

Wellingborough "mega prison" (internment camp) Britain
Wellingborough “mega prison” (internment camp) Britain

O’Looney:  Internment camps such as HMP Wellingborough (see image) are new, yet for years in the UK there has only been talk of prison overcrowding.  How, when times are bad economically, they’re finding the funds to build these sorts of prisons?  Peters:  In the US, for the CDC there are ‘green zones’ where it is ‘safe’ to go.  What is keeping mass amounts of people from understanding what is going on?

O’Looney:  It’s like a Stockholm syndrome, of people who trust, who’ve had the vaccine and they’re fine.  It’s a well-organized scheme where effective treatments have been suppressed and nurses have been bullied to administer Midazolam in the carehomes.  People are beginning to wake up, but it means the government and those perpetrating this are going to up their game.  For example, he’s received e-mails from parents where they’ve only been notified at noon that day that their children are going to be vaccinated.  Around 50 funeral directors have reached out to him, but they’re terrified because they know what’s going on.

O’Looney:  He wants to be on the record for saying all this because he know his days are numbered.  Thousands of people have reached out to him, corroborating what he’s saying.

Peters:  Who are ‘they’?

O’Looney:  It’s a global movement because all governments are saying the same thing, using slightly different methods to achieve the same objectives.  Our grandfathers fought and died for what is happening in Australia.  We signed the Nuremberg treaty but that has no value anymore.  They’ve taken away the right to bodily autonomy.  It’s a systemic problem among medical people, journalists, etc.

Peters:  How does the healthcare system benefit from being in lockstep with this?

O’Looney:  Do the people in the healthcare system or local government not imagine they’re going to be next?

Peters:  There’s going to be a rage amongst people coming up this fall who get sick.

O’Looney:  Military personnel have also reached out to him to express the growing dissent among them.  “They’re going to regret they trained us so well” he was told.  At what point is it acceptable to defend yourself against a deadly attack -– legally?  A nurse, Michelle, told him how families have been bribed into putting their loved ones on a death pathway by promising them time spent with them -– these people have made bad judgments just through grief.  She said, ‘They stood and clapped on doorsteps for us, and when they realize what we’ve done, they’ll stone us to death.’

It’s pointless reasoning with governments.  We need to reason with the advocates (those not hurt by the vaccines so far) to get them on side.  We need to be prepared for what’s coming next.

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