PhD Tells Mich. House re Bill 4471, Covid Jab does not Confer Immunity or Prevent Transmission of any Virus and was NOT Designed to do That


Dr Christina Parks PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Michigan testifies in Michigan House Bill 4471. She begins by asking if the vaccine prevents transmission, she asks specifically:

Does the DTP vaccine prevent transmission? No.
Does the vaccine for flu prevent transmission? No.
Do the vaccines for Covid prevent transmission? No.

In fact they were never designed to do that. What about the claim of 95% effectiveness? If you look at those clinical trials, they do not say that they prevent transmission. they expressly say they are measuring whether they attenuate symptoms. So they were 95% effective in these trials for the first variant, which has virtually disappeared from our population. Now the dominant variant is the Delta variant and CDC director Walinski said these vaccines have no ability to prevent transmission and infection by the Delta variant.

Our policy must be based on what the data is telling us not what we hope for. Do these vaccines prevent this virus from infecting and replicating in the nose and nasal pharynx? No, they have only been shown to prevent replication in the lungs. The mucusa in the lungs is very different to the blood. You inject the virus in the blood, you make antibodies in your blood. But your lungs have mucusa, and you don’t produce any IGA to neutralize the virus. So the virus isn’t infecting your blood. In fact, recent studies have shown that the vaccinated and unvaccinated have similar levels of virus in their noses and throat.

In Barnstaple, Massachusettes, the CDC tracked an outbreak of 469 cases of Covid; 74% of which were vaccinated and 4 out of 5 of those hospitalized were vaccinated. Maybe they are mandating this because they didn’t know with the Covid, so my main complaint is with the CDC and health agencies who basically know better and are misleading the public.

So let’s look at Dtap which the scientists in the CDC have known about since 2014 that the a-cellular pertussis vaccine does not prevent people from getting infected with the pertussis bacteria and passing it to others. In fact, it was never designed to do that. It was designed to neutralize the pertussis toxin which we know as whooping cough. It can be fatal for children under 6 months of age. Neutralizing this toxin saves lives, that’s agreed, but it doesn’t neutralize the bacteria. So a young vaccinated child at daycare, when they come home, they pass it to their newborn sibling. The parents take the baby to the hospital as it is deathly ill. The doctors try to save it. But who do they blame?

The CDC are now blaming anti-vaxxers for the limitations of the vaccine design!

I suggest that they be transparent; that they tell parents that although it is preventing severe disease in their children, it is NOT preventing transmission because we have created a whole class of asymptomatic pertussis carriers, who are increasing the disease.

The old DTP vaccine that older people recall, did prevent transmission, when we switched to the safer a-cellular version, they knew it wasn’t designed to prevent transmission. It was safer with less adverse events, but pertussis cases have gone through the roof. There’s a resurgence of pertussis because of the design of the vaccine. And the vaccinologists know this and are trying to address this, so we cannot mandate it as its something that doesn’t prevent transmission.

The flu vaccine has been shown that there’s no statistical difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated as to whether you get the flu or not. But its worse’. As in the first year of vaccination, its 65% effective at preventing symptoms in you’. But after that, it has negative efficacy.

This is very important. Vaccines are made to a specific variant and when that variant mutates, the vaccine no longer recognizes it. So it’s like you are seeing a completely ‘NEW virus. Because when you are vaccinated against ONE variant, but your body encounters ANOTHER variant, the symptoms are more severe.

The science shows that if you are vaccinated for the flu in multiple years, you are more likely to get SEVERE disease, have more viral replication, and be more likely to be hospitalized. This is true both for adults and children. We are seeing the same thing for Covid with the Delta variant. So why are we mandating for a vaccine which could make them more sick with the virus?

This week a paper came out showing that when you are vaccinated, your body makes antibodies that neutralizes the virus. But it’s for the old variant. When they see this new variant, the antibodies are actually helping the VIRUS infect the cells. This science was just published.


The irrationality of the alleged emergency becomes clear.

The irrationality of Trump’s “Operation Warp-Speed” becomes clear.

The shots do nothing at all for any virus.  So the question has to be asked:  WHY bother?  Why force them on the entire world?  Why pretend that by 2023 clinical trials will conclude as to “safety” and “effectiveness”?  If these shots don’t stop a virus, well, then, who cares?  You can always take your NeoCitran to attenuate the symptoms!  You don’t need a killer injection that harms every organ and tissue in your body.

Why ignore the massive death and destruction, the maiming and crippling these shots are causing which do nothing to stop any virus?  What are the shots really for?

Obviously, there is a massive fraud underway to terrorize people into taking injections for a “virus” that do nothing to stop a virus.  Obviously, the mass-deaths and crippling are wanted, or the drug pushers would have withdrawn their toxic brews long ago.

Therefore, what do the shots really do, what are they really for.  Critical thinking, please.

It bothers TINP that Dr. Parks has assumed there is a virus is in circulation. The most important detail is never proved but merely taken for granted in spite of the 100% irrationality of the whole framework. All the supposed pandemic measures are fraudulent, non-medical, non-scientific, but imposing them creates the illusion of a pandemic, creates a pretext for the fake test of the PCR, which cannot detect an illness but has been used to generate a tidal wave of alleged “cases” and “infections” to create the delusion that a virus exists, thus validating the fraudulent measures.

The virus is 99% of the time simply assumed to be in circulation. A tiny handful of people oppose the idea that Sars-CoV-2 is in circulation, i.e., Dr. Sam Bailey, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, a couple of others. We need more to catch on. And prove it. Because without the virus, there is no scamdemic of any kind, no pretext for any shots.

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