Who Is The W.H.O.?

Communist China is not only squarely behind Tedros. According to original research by American lawyer Michael P. Senger, the CCP ran (and still may be running) a subversive campaign promoting lockdowns to the rest of the world as the solution to the claimed pandemic.

American lawyer and researcher, Michael P. Senger, broke the dirty underside of the Red Chinese lockdown story on 15 September 2020 under the title “China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign“:


Aya Velasquez, a journalist, expanded on it with credit to Senger’s research that broke the news. Download an English translation of Aya’s German article:


Senger got coverage from the UK’s The Sun on 13 January 2021 in “‘LOCKDOWN FRAUD’ British and US spies urged to probe claims China ‘tricked the world into lockdown to trigger economic crash’“:


The UK Sun quoted from Senger’s letter to the FBI and to MI5. You can download the letter right here:


in which Senger and other signatories call for an international investigation into the Red-Chinese lockdown fraud implemented by the West.

Meanwhile, Patrick Wood of Technocracy News has implicated China in preparing the West for the (scam)demic:


Interestingly, Dr. David E. Martin has revealed Red China’s involvement in the Moderna Covid-19 “vaccine”.

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