WEF – Covid – 5G – Enhanced Genes – The Great Reset (21 August 2021)

“Covid-19 is the name for taking over everything else.”

The person who made that video is absolutely right.  The World Economic Forum has a Covid-19 Platform with an interactive widget to “educate” you on all the issues activated by the Covid-19 (manufactured) “crisis”.  Clicking on the image, or on the link under it, will bring you to the live, interactive widget, at the web site of the World Economic Forum.

Get the WEF's Covid-19 widget for your web site - it's free
Get the WEF’s Covid-19 widget for your web site – it’s free

Here’s the key page with the interactive widget online.  You can play with it and see for yourself.

Covid Action Platform page of the World Economic Forum on 29 August 2021

Download the PDF file .

Link to the original page:  https://bit.ly/2WsWBBj
Original url:  https://www.weforum.org/platforms/covid-action-platform

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