Dr. Andrew Kaufman – Spike Proteins & Magnetic Arms (Part II July 27th, 2021)

This shedding information contradicts warnings from an alleged nurse who says that women in particular who have not been vaccinated find their menstrual cycles and pregnancies or fetuses adversely affected by close proximity to other women (and maybe men) who have been injected with the mRNA concoctions producing the spike protein.

Summary of information from Dr. Kaufman:

1 – The spike protein (in the Covid-19 shots) is not from a virus
2 – It is toxic to many organs and tissues

And then, with respect to vaccine shedding:

3 – lipid nanoparticles (from the Covid-19 shots) are distributed throughout the body, not just at the injection site, as we were told, and as they had said they intended
4 – It is unclear if the spike protein is actually made in the recipients (of the Covid-19 shots) but some preliminary evidence indicates it may be present in the blood for a limited time
5 – The spike protein is not stable at room temperature
6 – We are really lacking epidemiologic data.

I am working with a group analysing survey results, and I can tell you that the preliminary analysis does not look like a very strong relationship. We only see a limited signal in intimate partners of people who are vaccinated, and I think that’s a difficult group to assess.

7 – And there is no clear mechanism of transmitting or shedding any symptoms to another individual.

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